Sous Vide Cooker Machine 1000W Immersion Circulator

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Powerful 1000W Sous Vide Cooker. Experience unrivaled cooking power with our 1000W sous vide cooker, capable of quickly heating water to the perfect temperature for precise cooking every time.

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1000W Sous Vide Cooker Machine
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Sous Vide Cooker

Equipped with a powerful brushless DC motor
and an ultra-accurate control chip, it ensures rapid heating and precise temperature detection for temperature stability (0.1℉ accuracy). With a wide temperature range of 104℉-194℉ (40℃-90℃), it is perfect for cooking a variety of foods to perfection. Enjoy perfectly cooked meals every time with our precision cooker.

Adjustable Clamp

Crafted with the finest stainless steel, our adjustable clamp offers unmatched stability and versatility. Effortlessly secure the sous vide cooker to various container sizes, ensuring a snug fit and even water circulation. From small pots to larger vessels, the adjustable clamp adapts to your cooking needs, providing a seamless cooking experience.

Hassle-Free Reminder

When the set temperature is reached, the Kurisnna Sous Vide Cooker will emit a "beep, beep, beep" alarm.

Simple Steps to Cooking the Perfect Meal

Attach the sous vide machine

Adjust the temperature and cooking time

Submerge food in the water bath when reach the pre-heat time.

Enjoy Your Dish!

Tender and Juicy Dishes

Learn how to cook the perfect meal. Say goodbye to overcooking
Fish Tacos | Sous Vide Recipe
Prep time: 5 MINUTES Cook time: 25 MINUTES  Finishing time: 5 MINUTES |135°F(57.2°C) Fish tacos have become increas...
Barbarian Rib Steak | Sous Vide Recipe
Prep time: 5 MINUTES  Cook time: 90 MINUTES  Finishing time: 5 MINUTES 133°F(61C) This is a satisfying purchase, if...

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Peter Thurnau
Getting started

I'm not familiar enough at present
I'm more of a smoker or grilled
It will take some getting used to but I'm being open minded