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What do they talk about kursinna?

Good price and quality.

Practical cream whisk for coffee, it is electric and rechargeable (no batteries) it comes with its stand to have it near the coffee maker, it includes another spare part, it is made of stainless steel.Good price and quality.Recommended

Mauricio J. Solorzano


First off, it came charged so that's a huge bonus. It froths quick and perfect. In my
video you can see there was maybe 1/4 of milk, after frothing you can see the picture that is pretty much full! Super easy to use. I do like how there are 3 levels. I did use only 1, it seemed fast enough to me.

Melissa Figueroa

Does the job. Easy to use with fairly good instructions.

Review for KURSINNA Sous Vide Machine. This is a nice sous vide machine. As someone who hasn't used something like this before, it was fairly straightforward and the manual provided some recipes, cooking temps, and cooking times for different types of meats. The temperature of the water was pretty spot on...

Darsir Tsaitz

Nice Little Milk Frother

It does exactly what it is supposed to do. It's nice and quiet, but does the job quick.Highly recommend rechargeable batteries as well if you're going to get this.

Amazon Customer