About Kursinna

Kursinna strives to make cooking and food preparation easier and more enjoyable for its customers. With a wide range of high-quality and innovative products, such as vacuum sealer, milk frother, sous vide and etc, Kursinna is dedicated to providing kitchen solutions that meet the needs of modern households.


Less Waste

Once upon a time, there was a group of food enthusiasts who were frustrated with the amount of food waste they experienced in their kitchens. They were tired of throwing away spoiled food and not being able to enjoy their favorite meals for as long as they wanted to. They decided to take matters into their own hands and create a solution that would not only keep their food fresh but also save them money in the long run.


More Fresh

Thus, Kursinna Vacuum Sealer was born. This innovative kitchen appliance was designed to vacuum seal food and drinks, removing all the air and keeping them fresh for longer periods. The team behind Kursinna understood that freshness was essential to maintaining the nutritional value and flavor of food, so they made sure that their vacuum sealer was equipped with the latest technology to ensure maximum freshness.

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