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Introducing the Kursinna VS5738 Vacuum Sealer

Are you tired of throwing away food due to spoilage or freezer burn? Say hello to convenience and freshness with Kursinna's latest innovation in food preservation technology—the VS5738 Vacuum Sealer. Designed with cutting-edge features, this vacuum sealer is here to revolutionize how you store and preserve your food.

Convenience at Your Fingertips: Built-In Cutter and Storage Bag

One standout feature of the VS5738 is its built-in cutter and storage bag system. No more searching for scissors or struggling with unruly vacuum bags! With a swift glide, the integrated cutter creates custom-sized bags tailored to your needs, minimizing waste and ensuring a perfect fit for every item you wish to seal. Plus, the onboard bag storage keeps everything neatly organized, making the sealing process seamless and efficient.

Seamless Operation: Handle Locking Design

Crafted with a user-friendly locking handle, operating this device is a breeze. Just secure the lid and seal effortlessly with a simple press. Selecting the mode requires only a single step, and in a mere 10-20 seconds, the vacuum and sealing process are completed automatically.

Universal for Dry and Wet Use, 8 in 1 Mode Vacuum Sealer

Kursinna VS5738 offers 8 functions in one device, sealing choice(dry/moist), vacuum pressure(manual/soft), vacuum&seal, manual seal, manual pulse for fragile food, canister with extra attachment for soup, wine and etc. You can select different modes to cater to all your food preservation needs. 

Stainless Steel with Painted Finish: Easy to Clean and Store

Stainless steel sealers are of consistent quality, but have the troublesome disadvantage of sticking to fingerprints and making the sealer body look dirty after each use. But VS5738 sealing machine solves this problem by adopting anti-fingerprint design, so that you still have a clean sealing machine after each use.

 Your Best Kitchen Tool for Meal Prep, Sous Vide, Food Storage.

In our busy lives, the pursuit of efficient meal preparation, preservation and unlocking culinary wonders has become an art. The vacuum sealer is your culinary helper. More than just a kitchen tool, it is a game changer in meal preparation, fresh cooking and food storage.



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